The New Urban Hipsy 


Formerly known as Urban Gypsy


Welcome to Our New Home

Welcome to the online home of the troupe formerly known as Urban Gypsy. We are dedicated to actively promoting equality and anti-racism. We are against any kind of discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, or culture. Out of respect for the Romani people and the desire to be sensitive to minority suffering and understanding of our position of privilege, we are changing our name to Urban Hipsy.

We will continue to honor the ancient traditions of Arab dance while educating ourselves to be the best world citizens we can be. Our website is currently being reconstructed to reflect our new name and will be up again soon! Thank you for visiting and we look forward to sharing this beautiful dance with you soon! .

Meet The Dancers



The Style Of Life! 

Urban Hipsy is Houston's premiere Tribal Style dance troupe with a combined 50+ years of experience in dance! Urban Hipsy has been bringing the beauty and grace of tribal dance to Texas for seven years, and since their debut in 2003 have been sought after to teach workshops not only around the US, but in Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Egypt.


Urban Hipsy is available for performances and events. Entertain your guests with a one-of-a-kind belly dance performance with a Middle Eastern, Indian, Spanish, or Urban flair! Each show is custom-designed for you and your event, and can include between one to six dancers, performances with zills, sword, or fire! For details and a quote, please contact or call 713.269.4881

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